St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic School is the only accredited Christian school in Van Wert County.  Classes are offered for grades K through 6.  While adhering to the teachings of the Catholic Church our school is open to children of all faiths, of any race, color, nationality or ethnic origin.   Daily religion classes and weekly student Masses are part of our school curriculum.   At St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic School we believe our school is a community of faith and that our students are children of God.  As educators we are responsible for being ministers of the gospel and teaching values as a call to holiness. We believe the purpose of education is to transform the world.

Our experienced staff consists of caring, compassionate individuals. They share their faith and their talents. Our teachers are committed to using "brain-based" educational methods.  Walking through our school you will see many examples of cooperative learning, and evidence of  hands-on  activities.  Encouragement and support for students from the staff is evident.  As Christian educators we believe each child is a gift from God and and that each student has a specific purpose for being in our school. We welcome visitors.  Come and see what we have to offer!